15 dollar an hour jobs will not go to the current minimum wage worker

If the protest around the country were to work, 15 dollar an hour jobs will not go to the current minimum wage worker. There are plenty of happy workers that earn 10,11,12 dollars per hour that would love to take the 15 dollar per hour jobs. Do You think that You one day make 8.37 per hour and the next day Your boss says, “Hey, thanks for being such a lazy employee, I am now going to give You 15 dollars per hour”. NO, that’s not going to happen, You are fired! People are going to college praying to make 15 dollars per hour and You think You are going to get it because You are entitled to it?

McDonalds is barely getting by now paying most employees less than 9 dollars per hour. Do You think they are not rushing to replace half their employees with automation? Do You really think that Your order cannot be taken on a self service touch pad? Do You really think that throwing a meat patty on a piece of bread cannot be done by a machine? What about the smoke break, a machine….Oh, that’s right the machine can just keep on working, it doesn’t need a smoke break. And the machine is never late for work and always has a good attitude.

Protest hurting good workers.
These protest are full of stupid People that do not understand how business works. The People protesting will be out of work, they will be replaced by better workers or by automation. A typical fast food restaurant could be run by half the employees if they are great employees and for 15 dollars per hour You can get great employees.

Cost would increase on Everything:
If minimum wage was to actually go to 15 dollars per hour it would put more money in a lot of pockets but it would also make a loaf of bread 6.95 and the value menu at McDonalds would feature french fries for 5.50 and a small drink for 4.95, how about a big mac combo for 14.75?