50 cent reportedly worth less than 50 cent

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Curtis Jackson III has filed bankruptcy but do not panic if You are a 50 cent fan this bankruptcy is chapter 11 which is just putting creditors on hold. Chapter 11 is what is used to hold off creditors but it usually means that the Person filing has intentions of paying those creditors and the protection gives 50 cent time to reorganize His finances. Curtis Jackson has huge earning potential in movies, endorsements and of course His music. Do not worry that You will not see Him anymore, if anything, You might see more of Him. He had some lawsuits go against Him in the past few years and this bankruptcy filing is likely a move to negotiate with each of those cases and then He can get back on track. At one time He was worth 270 million and still carries hundreds of thousands of dollars on Him, this is all just some reorganization, nothing more. He is one of the most marketable celebrities on the market right now so His future is very bright.