817 south main street, Las Vegas, NV, Lyft Headquarters

Inside You will find a Company that thinks they are Google, but what they are is Lyft or a company working with or for Lyft, the ride share company that is losing millions, not making a penny. The office is there for some reason that I cannot understand. One of the things they do there is get drivers for Lyft to sign a form so they can perform a background check but that could totally be done online so I am not sure why Lyft needs to employee anyone at this location. The employees inside this location are so incompetent that they cannot even keep their laptop plugged in, when I was there this hippie excused Himself to go get power for his laptop and when He returned His total job was to get Me to fill out a form to get permission to perform a background check. Hi Tech? I think not. The phrase of the day at this office is “no worries”. I would rather have them worry about getting the job done than slouching in Their chairs and moving around icons on their computers. Before You decide to drive for LYFT, be sure to check with Your insurance agent. If You tell Your insurance company that You are going to drive for Ride Share, they will drop You but if You fail to tell them You might be committing insurance fraud at worst but at best You will not be covered by either Lyft or Your insurance company during the gap period. The gap is when You turn on your app but have no Riders, so when You are trolling You are not covered by either company. Right now if You get in an accident, the first thing insurance companies are asking is “Are You driving for a Ride share company?” If You lie to get covered, that for sure is fraud and could put You in jail. Is the possibility of making less than minimum wage worth jail time?

The ironic thing about this location of cool cool, no worries Young lazy People is they keep the front door very securely locked, why? If You are cool cool no worries, why is Your front door locked? Scared that the Homeless will walk in and ask to use the bathroom? Maybe they will walk in and ask for a few dollars to get something to eat? Why did this company occupy this location if they are so scared of the People in the neighborhood?

This is a great example of age discrimination, older People would do the job better than these lazy young People, most of which are not more computer literate. And for sure the work ethic is much better in the over 50 age group, those that do not think they are entitled for anything. And People over 50 can at least keep their computer charged and We never use the lazy phrase “no worries”.