ABC picks loose Women on purpose for the Bachelorette

Kaitlyn Bristowe was picked by the production team at ABC because they had a good feeling She would have sex at the drop of a hat and they were right! A good Girl does not make for good ratings. the slurping and other sexual sounds made by Kaitlyn made many want to vomit but You had to keep watching, You kept thinking She was going to bust out of that room and fall out laughing but She never did. She just kept on having sex and all the mothers and daughters watching together were disgusted and embarrassed.

Just 10 years ago this type of behavior would doom a Girl for life, but in today’s unfortunate times hooking up at a drop of a hat is more acceptable. What about the rest of the show, She has to pick Nick, right? Who would take Her now? Would Nick say yes? Why would He, He already got what He wanted.