Alex Rodriguez suspended for 2014 season, was it fair?

alex rodriguez and steriods

According to the 60 minutes report on Sunday, January 12, 2014 with Tony Bosch:
Tony Bosch gave Rodriguez steriods by injections.
Tony Bosch was paid 12,000 per month to supply steriods and to check Rodriguez blood daily. He once met Rodriguez at a night club and took a blood sample in a toilet stall.
Some of the steroids that Bosch said He was giving Rodriguez were testosterone, insulin growth factor, human growth hormone and peptides (designer steroids). He said He also supplied Him with gummy bear like testosterone pills that were very small and could be taken just prior or during games. The pills provided immediate focus, strength and energy. According to Tony, Alex was scared of needles and could not inject Himself.


steriod supplier
Tony Bosch said He was supplier of the steroids for Alex

Alex is suspended for 162 games, the entire 2014 season, down from 211 games that was initially imposed.

Originally Bosch denied all involvement with Rodriguz. But pressure from the MLB investigators and a deal that would they would drop a lawsuit against Him. At the same time Bosch claimed that the Rodriguez camp was asking Him to leave the Country and they would pay Him 20-25,000 per month until it all blew over. He then went on to say His life was threatened and He feared for His safety. MLB offered Him protection from harm so He decided to tell the whole story. The MLB was using ex FBI agents and investigated this case like it was a threat to the World.
The MLB even paid over 100,000 dollars for evidence to an unknown source.

Rodriguez will still have 61 million dollars owed to Him on His New York Yankee contract when He returns. He will lose 25 million while He sits out. Alex Rodriguez is 48 years old and will be 39 when He returns to play. He goes by the name “A-Rod,” to His fans.