Allstate wants Your phone number and this is how they are getting it

If you fill out a NCAA tournament bracket on, You can also enter it in a contest sponsored by Allstate where you win one million dollars, the catch:

  • They require Your phone number
  • You have zero chance of wining
  • No One has ever filled out a correct bracket since they started the tournament. Most People are out after the first weekend. So now Allstate is calling You trying to get Your insurance business and You wonder why the hell did You give Your phone number for a contest that has zero chance of wining. Good one, Allstate.

    What are the real chances of winning?

    According to the Business Insider:

    1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808
    The probability “one in 9.2 quintillion” has been cited quite a few times in various articles about the bracket challenge.