AOC Neglects Her Poor Family Members, Blames Trump | Ep. 734

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00:00 Opening
00:48 AOC Neglects Her Poor Family Members, Blames Trump
10:58 The Joys Of Parenting
13:04 Fauci’s Newly Released Emails Reveal The Truth
19:48 Naomi Osaka Steps Back From Tennis
24:36 San Francisco Police Officer Attacked By Homeless Man – Saved By Bystanders
30:24 Reading The Comments
33:50 Abortionists Are Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, AOC posts pictures of the crumbling shack where her grandmother lives in Puerto Rico. She blames Trump for her grandmother’s living conditions. But why isn’t she reaching into her own pocket to help? Also Five Headlines including the Fauci emails revealing, well, basically what we already knew. That we have been lied to, repeatedly. In our Daily Cancellation, a high school valedictorian went off script during her graduation speech to slam the state of Texas for restricting abortion. There is actually quite a lot to be learned from her remarks on the subject, though not the things she wants us to learn from them.

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