Ariana Grande sorry She got caught saying “I hate America”

Ariana Grande was caught on video licking donuts in a donut shop and heard saying “I hate American’s, I hate America”. The police are looking into the donut licking incident and charges may be filed. Ariana is a pop star that gained national exposure when Her gay brother Frankie stared on Big Brother. Before Frankie stared on the popular tv show most of America had never heard of Her, insiders say that She was not really ready for the exposure that Her brother brought to the family and this donut licking, America hating is just signs of stress. The 22 year old singer has cancelled Her performance at the MLB All Star Game, Demi Lovato will take Her place. Ariana could face Terrorist charges for tampering with food meant for public consumption. The donut shop has already been punished by the health department for leaving the donuts in the reach of Ariana Grande. The terrorist charges are rarely filed but the act of licking donuts definitely could fall into that charge, the fact that She has a very famous Brother will most likely get Her off on a much lesser charge.