Bad Things Happen When You Resist Arrest | Ep. 699

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00:00 Opening
02:03 Bad Things Happen When You Resist Arrest
14:50 Scary Parenting Moment
17:01 MN Governor Double Speak
25:39 NBC News Reports On White Lives Matter Rally
30:41 Fauci Says No Indoor Dining For The Vaccinated
34:17 Jen Psaki Explains The White House Vaccination Ad Campaign
36:20 Reading The Comments
42:19 Hank Azaria Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the body cam footage of Daunte Wright’s death has been released. Today we are going to have the uncomfortable conversation about that footage, and about Wright’s death, that the media refuses to have. Also Five Headlines including some bizarre and chilling footage from the press conference with the Brooklyn Center Police chief. The media, on camera, tries to convince him that the rioting he just experienced was not actually rioting. Also, the White House unveils its strategy to convince white conservatives to get vaccinated. It’s as cartoonish and insulting as you’d expect. And in our Daily Cancellation, we’ll cancel the actor who formerly voiced the character Apu on the Simpsons, and who now says that he wants to apologize to each Indian person individually for that character. You know that’s getting him canceled.

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