Batchelorette picks Shawn, but first destroys Nick at rose ceremony

The most hated Batchelorette in history made sure to live up to that title when She allowed Nick to go through His speech and reach in his pocket for an engagement ring before stopping Him to say He wasn’t the one. It was great for ABC and You have to wonder if She was told to turn Him down at the rose ceremony like She did or if She did it on Her own. She had already heard People call Her Whore, tramp, skank, trash, ugly and classless so She really had nothing to lose at this point. After all, ABC paid for Her huge diamond ring and will pay for Her wedding if there ever is one. Could She have been any more cruel than allowing Nick to pick out a ring and get dressed up and ready for a proposal? She easily could have told Him the day before or even 5 minutes before but She allowed Him to embarrass Himself on International TV instead.

But one thing that many People have not mentioned, this is not the first Girl on the show to act like a whore. Most recently Andi was called out at the after the rose show for Fu*king one of the contestants (not the winning one).

Kaitlyn’s Sister getting plenty of comments on Twitter