Biden Fills His Cabinet With Bigots And Crackpots | Ep. 634

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00:00 Opening
02:07 Biden Fills His Cabinet With Bigots And Crackpots
12:34 Wonder Woman Submitted To 15 Oscar Categories
14:08 Andrew Cuomo Does A 180 On Coronavirus Lockdowns
16:06 Donald Trump Claims He Predicted Big Tech’s “Big Mistake”
21:02 The Media Thinks Trump Is Literally Hitler
24:07 Kamala Harris’s Team Goes To War With Vogue Magazine Over ‘Disrespectful’ Cover Photo
26:55 Hacker Takes Control Of Chastity Cages And Demands Ransom
33:13 Hogan Gidley Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Joe Biden picks a black supremacist to lead the DOJ’s civil rights division. Also Five Headlines including Andrew Cuomo’s lockdown 180, another democrat impeachment pageant, and Kamala Harris is persecuted because of a magazine cover photo in which she is wearing casual shoes. 

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