Biden Immediately Exploits And Politicizes Another School Shooting | Ep. 959

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00:00 – Opening
01:53 – Biden Immediately Exploits And Politicizes Another School Shooting
22:09 – Nancy Pelosi Responds To Her Communion Ban
29:08 – Stacey Abrams Wins Democratic Primary
36:48 – Kamala Harris’ Latest Circular Speaking
40:07 – Something Weird Is Going On In The Universe
42:31 – The Comments Section
47:30 – The Fat Spectrum Is Cancelled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, horrific tragedy strikes in Texas as Democrats immediately exploit dead children to score political points. I have a lot to say about all of this. Also, Nancy Pelosi finally responds to the archbishop who banned her from taking communion. Her response only further demonstrates why she deserved the ban. And record turnouts for the Georgia primaries yesterday. Does that disprove the Democrats’ “voter suppression” narrative? Stacey Abrams says no. Plus, we have some exciting and fascinating space-related news whether you like it or not. And for our daily cancellation, what is a super fat and an infinifat? You’re going to find out today. All of that and much more on the Matt Walsh Show. 

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