Biking with Your baby in a death trap

You have your helmet on?, check. What about Your baby? What protection do You have for Your baby in the trailer behind your bike? Is that vinyl covering Your baby going to stop something from hitting Her/Him? The problem with these contraptions is the user has a false sense of safety. The Child is not protected at all but since they are covered up it seems like they are safe.

baby in bike trailer

7106829457_82f4464976_zIs this any safer? This method is for a Child that is old enough to keep His/Her head up and wear a helmet. This can be a catastrophe if the operator falls over. In an accident the Child has no protection whatsoever. Injuries usually are to the legs and arms but Children this small and fragile do not do well in even minor accidents. It will not be long before it will be recommended that You just avoid Children on Bikes all together.