Bill Kennedy still working even after admitting to being gay

Bill Kennedy made the announcement that He is a gay Man and the NBA is not suspending Him, fining Him or issuing any punishment at all!! WTF? Kennedy is the second NBA referee to come out in the past 18 months. Violet Palmer announced she was gay in the summer of 2014. Most were outraged when Violet Palmer went without punishment and it is most likely why Kennedy thought He could admit to this sinful activity without being punished.

Update: This just in: It is not illegal for a Man to be gay, He cannot be fired for being gay, He can even use the same water fountain as straight Men do. So what is the fucking fuss?

Dear Gay People: Quit coming out, We already know most of You are gay anyway. For the few that are hiding it well, keep doing so. We do not give a fuck who You fuck!