Billy Clyde Tuggle, dead at the age of 69

billy clyde tuggle
Matthew Cowles played the role of Billy Clyde Tuggle, a role that every All My Children Fan will never forget. He was yelled at by many fans as He harassed citizens of Pine Valley. He kept us on edge all weekend wondering if His victims would break free come Monday’s episode after He had them tied up on Friday. He was the most popular character on the show for many years. He played the role of a pimp, who was in Everyone’s business and had a very impressive wardrobe.

Cowles died last week at 69, and his career was far bigger than one role. He acted on Broadway, in the movies (“Slap Shot,” “Shutter Island”), in other series (“Oz,” “Life on Mars”) and miniseries (“Lonesome Dove”) and on other soaps (“The Bold and the Beautiful,” “Loving”).