Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorce no surprise

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorce came as no surprise to Me. according to TMZ, Blake has suspected Miranda was cheating for months. We’re told Blake heard rumors Miranda had hooked up with country singer Chris Young and thought it was believable enough to make him suspicious of her. Turns out that He thought She was cheating with a second Country Singer also.

Why is this not a surprise? When a Woman loses weight the way that Miranda did, WATCH OUT! She was losing weight because She was cheating and wanted to look good for Her new Man or She was losing weight because She was unhappy and wanted attention from other Men.

Attention Men, if Your wife suddenly starts losing weight, wants a tit job, face lift, lipo suction or goes on an exercise rampage, She is most likely not doing it for You. The part You will play is You will pay for the surgery, the gym membership, and the new clothes, then You can step aside. Once a Woman feels unappreciated, She is jelly to any Man that will give Her attention. The first time I saw Miranda Lambert’s video “Little red wagon”, I said, that marriage is over. The video shows a Woman that wants to show the world She is more than Someone’s wife, She is Her own Woman and She wants all Men to want Her. Once a Women gets to that place, it’s all down hill.