BLM Is Outraged That A Cop Saved A Black Woman From Getting Stabbed To Death | Ep. 706

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the Left and BLM continue to be outraged over a cop who saved a black woman from being stabbed to death. They say the cops had no right to shoot someone just because they were trying to stab another person. This is yet another example of the Left’s total rejection of personal responsibility. Today I want to talk a little about personal responsibility as it relates to these police shootings. Also Five Headlines including the White House releasing one of the most repugnant and irresponsible public statements we’ve ever heard from any White House, while LeBron James doxes the cop in the Ma’Khia Bryant shooting. And a female athlete sues after being benched and forced off her soccer team for refusing to take a knee in solidarity with BLM.

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