Brian Williams isn’t the first to shame the news profession, Who can We trust?

In the wake of the Brain Williams lies, many other News People are being investigate to see Who else lied. Who will be left when they all start to fall? If I suggested that Steve Kroft is the most trustworthy You would have believed it until it came out that He was sexting and had a possible affair with a whore.

Who can We trust, is it Someone from this list?
David Muir ABC
George Stephanopoulos ABC
Scott Pelley CBS
Anderson Cooper CNN
Barbara Walters ABC
Elisabeth Hasselbeck Fox news
Megyn Kelly Fox news

Didn’t We all think that Elizabeth Vargas was the most trustworthy newscaster on TV? Someone that You would let drive Your kids to soccer practice, right? Turns out She was drunk on many of Her ABC news assignments. In the video below She is trying to admit that but Barbara would not let Her. Barbara wanted to be sure that Vargas was aware that She was fooling No One. So if they all knew, why wasn’t She fired?