Burger King And Nickelodeon Compete For Gold In The Woke Olympics | Ep. 738

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00:00 Opening
00:53 Burger King And Nickelodeon Compete For Gold In The Woke Olympics
13:33 Why Do My Kids Sing In The Morning?
15:26 Pfizer CEO Endorses Vaccinating Children
20:59 Mitch McConnell Says There’s No Threats To Voting Rights
25:02 Chris Harrison Permanently Steps Down From ‘The Bachelor’
34:00 PE Teacher Reinstated By Judge After Expressing Concerns About Gender Theory
37:37 New Indiana Jones Set Photo Reveals Harrison Ford Wearing A Mask
39:14 Reading The Comments
45:00 National Geographic Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Burger King and Nickelodeon have come out especially aggressively this month to push radical far left LGBT propaganda. Both of these companies would be bankrupted if conservatives responded by refusing to ever patronize them again. But that won’t happen. Why? Also Five Headlines including the CEO of Pfizer says that children don’t really need the vaccine, but they’re going to be testing it on kids anyway for the sake of protecting adults. Isn’t that totally backwards? And Chris Harrison of the Bachelor has officially lost his job after groveling and apologizing to the mob despite having done nothing wrong. The same old story again. And in our Daily Cancellation, National Geographic has a message for whitey: be ashamed. Be very ashamed.

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