Caitlyn Jenner said to be responsible to rise in deaths of Transgender People

According to the Review Journal, deaths of Transgender People has doubled in the last year.

The violence could be tied to growing attention to transgender people such as the recent coming out of Olympic gold medalist Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce, said Kevin Nadal, head of the Center for LGBTQ Studies at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

If You notice lately a lot of journalist are using the LGBTQ instead of LGBT initials to describe these organizations that group together for protest. The Q is for Queer but I am not sure what group is going by the name queer? Aren’t they all queer? NO? Isn’t a lesbian gay and queer? Why do they need an L to describe a female that is gay? The gay male doesn’t have two initials, He is just gay, but isn’t He also queer? Aren’t these groups describing themselves in terms that others are not allowed to? I thought the word queer was like the “N” word or the “C” word, never to be used. haven’t these groups gotten so broad that they are distancing themselves further from mainstream society? Is that their purpose? How about a group such as these People shorten the name to SL for sexually Liberal? That term could cover a man wanting to be woman, woman wanting to be a man, bisexuals, gay man, gay woman and even curious people. Why do We need to know exactly what their liberal ideas are about sexuality? Is all this really just encouraging People to come up with something that No One has before? Too many labels for something We should just quit talking about.

What would You call the People in this Youtube, video below?