Chris Christie could come out smelling like a rose

chris christie will be president because of this scandalChris Christie could come out smelling like a rose after the traffic jam His chief of staff ordered on the Nation’s busiest bridge. Did He know about it prior to the chief ordering it? Absolutely not. If He did He would have to be in collusion with Her and depend on Her loyalty to not speak up even after being fired. The thing that caught my eye during this scandal is the fact that when the Governor first had a gastric bypass He didn’t loose weight for what seemed like 6 months but when He was shown on TV to calm this scandal You could clearly see that He has lost a good bit of weight. The weight is probably something He knew He would have to deal with if He was going to run for President. And the scandal, might show that He is worthy of the office, it all depends on how You think He handled it? Do You think He should know everything that goes on, down to conversations between his employees or do You think He found out soon enough and took care of the situation in a Presidential way?