Cowards at NASCAR suspend Kurt Busch indefinitely

NASCAR suspended Kurt Busch today, February 20, 2015 indefinitely in a cowardly fashion. The suspension is cowardly because there is no proof that Kurt did anything wrong but NASCAR buckled to public pressure to suspend a possible 100 percent innocent Man.

NASCAR suspended Kurt Busch indefinitely Friday in the wake of a Delaware family court’s findings that “by a preponderance of the evidence” the 36-year-old driver “committed an act of domestic violence” against former girlfriend Patricia Driscoll on Sept. 24, 2014.

He has not been proven guilty but NASCAR is looking after their bottom line and dismissing Busch like He is just a piece of equipment in their money making machine. The accusation of domestic abuse is said to have taken place at Dover last year when His ex girl friend came for a visit.
According to the civil disposition report, Jones said he believed Busch committed an act of abuse against Driscoll “by manually strangling her by placing his left hand on her throat, while placing his right hand on her chin and face and smashing her head into the wall of his motor home, thereby recklessly placing (Driscoll) in reasonable fear of physical injury.”

NASCAR believes Her side of the story but Busch has mentioned on many occasions that it is impossible for that to have taken place because She is a trained assassin.