Cut Your TV and internet expense in half or even less

free tv with this antenna

free tv with this antenna
This antenna cost 22 dollars at Walmart and is all you need to get all the free tv in Your area
You can easily cut Your TV and internet expense in half or even less.
First, if You are are only watching one tv and that tv is digital, You would be amazed at the picture quality You can get with an over the air antenna. If You live in a moderate to large City You will have plenty of channels to choose from in crystal clear high definition.

For internet, that’s something You cannot get over the air and the 3g and 4g speeds that are offered that work the same way they do on Your smart phone are just too slow for the family computer. If You live in a moderate to large City or even a small City that is serviced by a big cable company like, Time Warner, Cox, Brighthouse, Comcast, mediacom and others, You can play the new Customer game with them. Almost all of them offer a new customer a special rate, usually half price for the first 12 months, when they get You used to the great speeds and service, BAM! full price time and You no longer are a new Customer. Just before that happens, cancel Your service, wait 35 days and get the special again. Almost all them consider You a new customer if You have not had internet service in the last 30 days. During the 30 days without internet, use it at the mall, McDonalds, relatives houses and the many other free places to use it. You would be surprised how many places You can use it for free, You might not even sign back up. That method saved me 600 dollars per year three years in a row when I bought it from Cox Cable.

I think the biggest problem these days with cutting back on the television package is doing away with the DVR, once You get used to recording Your shows instead of watching them live it is near impossible to go back to live TV and even when You do watch live TV, You can hit pause to take a phone call or use the bathroom. So, if You are like Me and absolutely must have a DVR, think about TIVO. There are a lot of options on how you can save on Your television with TIVO. TIVO charges Me 19.95 per month for their service, no programming just the dvr and the service. I have over the air channels mixed in with the channels that I get free with my HOA fees in my condo. No other DVR will let You mix over the air antenna with another source. You could get the basic package from your cable tv supplier and instead of paying extra for their DVR, get a TIVO box and add all the free over the air channels to that basic package and You would have a pretty good line up. That is a good option if You really have to have ESPN, because obviously if You go totally over the air, You will lose ESPN.