Dale Earnhardt Jr and longtime girlfriend Amy Reimann are engaged

In a Church in Germany, Dale Earnhardt Jr and longtime girlfriend Amy Reimann got engaged. The couple is in Germany researching Dale’s heritage. Dale’s Sister, kelley and Her Husband and a crew member from His NASCAR team also traveled with Him. NASCAR is not racing this weekend so the timing could’t have been better for this trip. Junior kept this pretty secret, not even the national enquirer knew about it. Dale wanted to research His heritage before He turned 40 which is this year on October 10. The group flew commercial. Dale said that He was nervous about flying since He has not flown commercial since 9/11. He has His own jet that He uses on a weekly basis to get to the race tracks around the country. A driver delivers Dale and Amy’s bus for the couple to sleep in to each track. It is unknown if the dog, Gus, flies or drives to the tracks. Gus did not immediately return calls for comment.