Danica Patrick has new sponsor but more importantly has new Yoga pose

Okay, this week the headline is suppose to be Danica Patrick signs with new sponsor Nature’s Bakery and You can read all about it here but while People were searching to see Who the new sponsor was they were commenting more about Yoga than NASCAR. And just look at the pictures and see why. This Girl is amazing, now I understand how She is so good driving a 3500 lb car at tracks that No Woman would be expected to drive all alone much less at top speed with 42 other cars around. She has excelled at Daytona and People said that was because it is mostly a mental track but She is better than the majority of the Men in Her sport at Darlington and similar tracks that have the most physical demands and now We know how and why.

Yoga, such a discipline between using strength to get where you want to go, and then letting go. Kinda like life I guess?!

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