Dear North Korea Citizens and President Kim Jong-un

As an American Citizen I am very embarrassed that We had fellow American Citizens that made the movie “The Interview”. I can assure You that the vast majority of Americans found this movie inappropriate, immature and insulting. No One should ever make a joke about killing Someone, anyway or anyhow. We know that if Someone from North Korea made a movie about killing a U.S. President there would be worldwide outrage and the same should be for any other Person or President.

I do support the hacking that was done to Sony, Whoever wants to take credit for it. Killing a Person is not funny but hacking the Company that supported it is very funny.

Please understand that this movie was made by idiots and does not represent the American point of view. This movie will never show in a movie theater but if it did it would  fail horrifically.

Please accept this apology that is shared with 100’s of millions of People around the World.

Those that support this should boycott Sony pictures and all the actors and writers associated with this movie.