Demi Lovato – Cool for the Summer video sending wrong message?

Demi Lovato has had well documented emotional problems, mostly about Her weight. She has gone on Worldwide tours and preached to young Girls to love themselves the way they are. Her struggles with Her weight are over for now and now She has a new song that totally goes against everything that She has been preaching the last 5 years. Now She is on Her game, thin, in shape, hot, so Her song reflects that. The lyrics are suggestive about Her body, the body She struggled with is now the body She is exploiting. What message is She sending? If You are hot, You are cool for the summer? What if You aren’t? What is Kelly Clarkson? Un-cool for the summer? Who doesn’t love Demi Lovato? The whole world wanted her to get over Her body issues and just be healthy but now She is following the norm and putting all Her worth on being cool for the summer because of Her looks. As much as so many girls look up to Demi Lovato, this is disappointing. The real role model for young girls might be Kelly Clarkson.