Did Kylie Jenner have plastic surgery?

It is being reported all over the internet that Kylie Jenner had some plastic surgery recently. The plastic surgery that She is accused of having is breast implants. While is very obvious that She is larger in the breast region, I would not be so fast to claim that is the reason. She is just 25 years old, and most females will tell You that development in breast can start as early as 12 (earlier in some cases) and continue all the way to 20 or even later, so for Her to have a growth spurt in the summer and fall of just turning 16 would not be that much of a surprise. And if You want to investigate further, You can go back to the famous Kardashian vacation in Greece and see that She is far more developed than Her sister, Kendall and She has the structure to handle larger breast than does Kendall. If You want go further into the family genes, Kourtney, Who claims to have natural breast is very well endowed. Of course Kim is also but We already know those are fake. So there is still the question but surely Kris Jenner would not sign for Kylie to have plastic surgery before waiting for Her to finish Her natural development. That would be child abuse.