Donald Trump will be on Tv tonight raising money for Wounded Warriors

Tune in to CNN at 9pm ET, Thursday, Jan 28 to see Donald Trump raise money for Wounded Warriors. Huckabee is said to be joining Him as will others.

Donald Trump is boycotting the Republican debate tonight because Megan Kelly is one of the mediators. Megan made some very crude and unprofessional remarks at the first Fox News Event and Trump said it’s Her or Me and they stupidly chose Her. So, to make good use of His time Trump decided to hold a huge fund raising event for Wounded Warriors. The event is just down the street from the republican debate. What hurts Fox the most in this situation is CNN is covering Trump at the Wounded Warrior’s Event. CNN took advantage of Fox’s mistake and will surely come out the winner. The big pay day that Fox was guaranteed to make on the debate is now just another terrible Thursday ratings night.