Dwayne Johnson’s Ballers picked up for second season

dwayne johnson on set of ballers
Dwayne Johnson is playing His best role ever

The second season for Ballers is scheduled for Summer 2016 most likely in July. HBO has not put a definite date on it yet.

Spencer Strasmore played by Dwayne Johnson is the star of this HBO comedy drama about a star NFL player that joins a financial firm after His football days are over. Johnson is clearly the star of this show but it is filled with a great supporting cast as well. Tune in on Sunday nights to see new eposides on HBO. This is arguably Dwayne Johnson’s best role of His very successful career, it feels like it was custom made just for Him and they put a story around Him. He is in His most natural acting environment of any role He has played. Who knew “The Rock” could be this funny?