E PowerBall Email scam

This scam has not been as successful as some others but if it even catches one Person it is worth the time and effort of the scammer. As You can see the email gives the winning numbers but You know You didn’t pick any winning numbers so how is this a winner for You? Well, of course it isn’t. this scam wants You to engage in a conversation and at some point they will get more and more personal information from You. Depending on how you respond is how they will proceed.

Exact content of the email You might get:

Good News!!

Lucky Numbers: 39, 25, 31, 12, 7, 11

E-PowerBall collects all
the email addresses of the people that are active online,among the millions
subscribed to various websites. Six people are selected yearly to benefit
this promotion and you are one of the Selected Winners.You have been
awarded the
sum of USD$950,000.00 in the E-PowerBall Lottery Program for the
year 2015.

Respond to this email to claim your reward through agent Thomas

Claims Agent
Deadline: 31st July,
E-PowerBall Lottery Inc

email from e powerball scam