Elizabeth Vargas ALMOST told the truth about Her problem with alcohol

Vagas is an alcoholic but not ready to admit it
Vagas is an alcoholic but not ready to admit it
She almost had Me until She lied about the amount She was drinking

Elizabeth Vargas ALMOST told the truth about Her problem with alcohol. She admitted that She is an alcoholic but She fell short later in the interview with George Stephanopoulos. The interview was what seemed to be only part of a longer one that will be exploited later on ABC. But Vargas is back to work and will be on 20/20 tonight, January 24, 2014.
I was disappointed that Vargas implied that She had a couple glasses of wine, nightly and didn’t admit to Herself that She had a problem. If She had a couple glasses of wine EVERY night, She didn’t have a problem, in fact, it is what many Doctors say We should all have, and You can even do so when pregnant. C’mon liz, if You are going to come out with Your alcoholism, then come out, don’t bullshit half of Your audience. The real wine drinkers that were watching this interview were calling bullshit and People that never drank any alcohol were thinking, wow, two glasses EVERY night, that sooo much!
Then later in the interview that George really botched up, She tried to tell a story about coming to ABC to do a story on a Saturday afternoon and knew She couldn’t do it. I think that She was  trying to admit that She arrived at ABC drunk but George didn’t have a clue what She was saying and totally messed up an opportunity to ask if She was drunk. And since it was Saturday afternoon and not night why would She be drunk, She only admitted to drinking at night.  Maybe Someone that She didn’t work side by side with for many years should have done this interview.

When referring to Her wine drinking She said Her GLASS of wine, meaning one glass then She tried to say She was so bad that She had two glasses or even three then in an extreme night, four!

So what is the truth? Every wine drinker in America has a minimum, an absolute minimum of two glasses or just don’t have the first one. Anyone that has wine with dinner is not a real wine drinker, You cannot even taste the wine with Your food. A real wine drinker drinks their wine and does not want food to ruin the buzz. A person such as Vargas that is an alcoholic drinks a bottle of wine in a very short time and on a nightly basis will polish off two bottles of wine all by Herself. Her Husband knew She had a problem and He only knew that because She was going through bottles of wine not glasses of wine.

If You are going to admit to something, then tell the whole truth, don’t pussy foot around with half truths.

There are millions of alcoholic Women all over the world and probably 95 percent of them are wine drinkers and they all have tricks to drink daily and fool those around them. They always drink the same wine or at least always have more than one bottle of the same wine. Most family members do not keep up with the number of glasses that She is drinking or if the wine that is open is number one,two or three. When the Children are deep in television, She can easily pour another glass and still be on the first one. The husband of an alcoholic wine drinker is usually not home during some of the drinking so He only knows about what is drank in his presence. Most wine drinkers socialize with others that drink wine and therefore is the reason to bring mass quantity of wine to the house, its not for ME, its for Everyone!