Ellen Page comes out GAY, loves Her sweat pants and looking like a Boy!

Ellen Page gave a long boring speech about being gay or at least I think that is what the speech was about, it was so boring I really couldn’t watch the whole thing. But the question that keeps coming to Me over and over is Who the hell is Ellen Page?

Are You sick of seeing some gay Person coming out everyday? Shut the Fu*k up, quit complaining. Look at all the gay actors on TV and in the movies. Only a gay Person can decorate Your home, even though there are millions of straight People that can do it just as well. You are protected like no other group at work, all You have to do is play the gay card and You won’t get fired. You get national attention to announce that You like to have sex with Your same sex when Nobody cares if I like to eat a Ham and cheese sandwich for breakfast and most People will only eat it for lunch. Why won’t Anyone tell Me how brave I am? Do You know how much this hurts?

Just pass gay marriage for all states once and for all, its going to happen anyway, why not quit wasting tax payers money on it? And keep this shit out of the news, I am fu7king sick of hearing it Everyday!

What is the problem, getting bullied? bullshit! Kids with acne get bullied much worse than gay Kids do, are We having a press conference for celebrity to come out with acne? How about the fat kids? Do We not care about the fat kids? Just the gay kids? Crippled kids? Are they not important? Lets all focus on poor little Ellen Page, the rich Kid that isn’t even American but lets forget about Kids that don’t have enough to eat and are teased because they don’t have 100 dollar shoes to wear to school like Ellen Page does. What happen to Ellen Page, did She miss out on a TV part two years ago because She was GAY? So Sad! Maybe it was because She wasn’t the best for the job, did She ever consider that? Did a gay Person ever consider they might be treated differently because they are not liked before We even know they are gay? Do gay People really think straight People give a shit about what perverted shit they do behind closed doors? Straight People do perverted shit too, gay People do not own the rights to that.