Escorts in Tourist Cities across America

Escorts in Tourist Cities, Las Vegas, New York, Orlando.

The escort industry in the US is a large and growing service. The actual figures and numbers are shrouded in secrecy given the privacy and discretion which marks the industry. For every legal escort services, there are hundreds of others that are illegally run. The unregistered escort services usually lure in immigrants.Most of them attract the attention of the feds because of their dalliance with money laundering and prostitution rings. Top escort girls make between $600 and $1200 an hour. Some can make as high as $2000 an hour or nearly $30,000 a weekend. A weekend at the CES Show in Las Vegas can bring top dollar to the best Escorts. Las Vegas Escorts advertise they can get to Your room in 20 minutes or less, faster than pizza!

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Where They Advertise.

When an escort works through an agency she will have her photos taken by a professional photographer. The photos are then posted on the agency’s website. Alternatively, the photos can be circulated to the regular clients to promote the agency’s business. The larger escort agencies maintain profiles and galleries of the models on their site. In a typical appointment the agency picks the clients information and links him up with one of their escort girls. Given the rise of social media, some escort girls directly advertise their services through Instagram, Facebook, and twitter. The agency firm usually blocks the access to a client’s profile in the cities and areas where she feels she could be identified or where her family lives.

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How They Go About Their Protection.

The environment around Las Vegas, New York, and Orlando attracts lots of strangers. A fair share of these strangers seeks the services of escort girls. Given the client’s anonymity, the escort girl’s security is paramount. Most agencies protect the identity of the escort girls by arranging the meet up with the client. The escort girl may make the arrangement by herself. Even then she will have to inform the agency about the time and location of the appointment. The escort is usually required to call the agency upon arrival at the location and when she is leaving. How They Stay Motivated. There are many reasons why women join the escort agencies as escort girls. Some do it for fun, others out of curiosity. However many are broke and pretty much want to make an income. Depending on what drove them into the industry their perspectives and motivations will vary. Most of the women in the industry stay in there due to their need for an income. The incomes, the trips and meeting new people present enough challenge but also enough motivation for a fair share of the women. There is no doubt that the industry carries lots of risk for the escorts in terms of personal safety, reputation, and health. The safety issue should not just be lost on the Girls but also the Men.

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How Many Jobs They Can Do In A Day.

Most escort girls see about 2 to 3 clients in a day for five days a week. Sometimes they can shoot for 5 clients in a day which is exhausting. With about 2 clients a week they can make about $2000 once the agency and booker’s fees have been deducted. Those who work from the brothels would see up to 7 clients a night which is taxing and downright dangerous. Most escort girls work with the number of clients the agency is willing to provide. This is especially true when they are beginning and can’t afford essentials like incalls, security and a ready client base.

Do They Look Like Their Picture?

Most of the photos posted on escort agency sites are airbrushed. Some of them use fake pics to lure in clients. Truth be told, most of the girls try to take care of themselves. They may not be stunningly pretty and attractive but neither are they downright ugly. Most agencies simply send the available girl from the list of photos posted in their gallery. Therefore the client has to be flexible about his expectations. The easier way out is to work through the professional sites. They tend to be more credible in who they send.

Are They Safe?

Safety is very key when it comes to clients. That’s why it’s critical that an escort meets with the client in a crowded area. On the other hand, there are escort firms that are simply fronts for criminal activities. Once the escort girl arrives at the client’s home she pulls a gun or a knife and tries to rob the client. Usually, they do it in cooperation with male minders. Given the security considerations, background checks and screening of both clients and escorts is critical for anyone venturing into the industry. It’s often safer to meet in downtown hotels and avoid carrying valuables with you.

Do They Respond To Female Customers?

There are two dimensions when it comes to escort services for women clients. First, there are escort services that provide young males to accompany the female clients. These escort firms run the same way as the escort services for male clients. There are also client services that cater for same-sex women. These escort agencies have lesbians escort girls who provide sensual services to female clients. Most of the women who seek this ‘boyfriend experience’ are in the 35-54 years age range. The surprising reality is that most of these clients end up falling for the escorts. While male clients usually seek the need for sex the female clients want more than a mere sexual encounter.

Do Some Wives Actually Allow This?

The truth of the matter is that most male clients who seek escort services are single, divorced or estranged. Many escort girls report that their clients often seek more than just a sexual encounter. They are looking for companionship. That’s why seeking escort client services is not very different from having emotional relationships outside of their marriage. The wives who know about their partners desire to escort client services disapprove of it. Most of them are often powerless to stop it.
It’s very rare to find a wife who approves of a husband going out with the escort girls. The couples who get into such arrangements do so with a view of having threesomes alongside the escort girl or guy. Some couples have an open relationship as it pertains to sex but not to emotional cheating.

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