Evil To The Left, Cowardice To The Right | Ep. 694

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00:00 Opening
00:41 Evil To The Left, Cowardice To The Right
16:57 Plea Deal Offered To Female Carjackers
24:32 Family Kicked Off Of Spirit Airlines For Toddler Not Wearing A Mask
28:57 Derek Chauvin’s Defense Says Camera Perspective Is Misleading
31:57 Biological Fathers Will Have To Pay Half Of Pregnancy Costs In Utah
35:06 FIU Welcomes New Coach
36:36 Reading The Comments
44:42 USA Today Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the cowardly governor of Arkansas vetoes a bill that would have banned the chemical castration of children in the state. The Republican Party continues to prove itself utterly useless in the fight against the radical left. Also Five Headlines including the insanely lenient plea deal offered to the two girls who carjacked and murdered a man in DC. If this is privilege, it ain’t white male privilege. Also, another family was harassed on a plane because their young children weren’t masked. And Derek Chauvin’s defense gets the police chief to make a surprising admission on the stand. 

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