Fairness Is Overrated | Ep. 691

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00:00 Opening
00:47 Fairness Is Overrated
12:28 Tooth Fairy Saga Continues
14:56 CNN Article Claims There’s No Consensus On Assigning Sex At Birth
20:32 Eighteen Massage Therapists Say Deshaun Watson Didn’t Assault Them
23:45 Parents Slam Arizona School Board For Proposing Woke Equity Guide To Elementary Schoolers
28:19 IL School District Looking To Remove Thomas Jefferson’s Name From School
31:48 Demi Lovato Says She’s Pan Sexual
35:26 Jill Biden Tries To Speak Spanish
37:55 Reading The Comments
43:00 Kat Ahn Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, an NBC News anchor says on the air that he doesn’t care about being fair or hearing both sides. I actually agree with him, and feel much the same way. Also Five Headlines including CNN’s claims that there is no way to determine the sex of a baby at birth. And a school district took Thomas Jefferson’s name off of one of their schools, but they’re having trouble finding a new name. Apparently everyone in history, even very recent history, is problematic. Plus, Jill Biden butchers the Spanish language while standing in front of a very Nazi-esque flag. And in our Daily Cancellation, the woke mob finally comes for The Office.

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