Fake Field Goal is what won game for Florida Gators

Fire Will Muschamp? That was the chant last week, what say You now, gators?
Yes, it wasn’t won by only 4 points (Difference between FG and TD) but it gave the gators the confidence that they did not have prior to that play. Momentum and confidence in College Football is much more important than the average fan thinks. If You noticed right after this TD the kick return team stuck Georgia way back in its own territory with a vicious hit. The defense would suddenly rise up and dominate the rest of the game. Then the running game in back of a dominating offensive line got going and it was game over. Is it enough for Will Muschamp to keep His job? It very well might be.

The fake field goal was run in for a touchdown by a bag boy. Michael McNeely is a walk on senior that works at publix grocery store as a bag boy and cashier or as He calls it bashier.