First Class Air travel and airport lounges, are they worth it?

If You travel much, You probably get the offers to join an Airline’s exclusive club that will allow You access to those Airport lounges, the ones You always wanted to go in but couldn’t. But are they worth the money? HELL NO! That is a very simple answer but it is really that simple. Today Airports are competing with each other to become an airport that You will want to go through on Your next trip so what does that mean to You? It means that airports are attracting major brand restaurants and bars to their airports, more choices of food, drink and relaxing. Why go in a boring airport lounge when you can stay with the general population and enjoy free wifi, great food choices and great choices of beers and cocktails. To make the choice even easier, the lounges are now giving only 2 drinks per Person and only the cheap crappy stuff. A draft beer or a low level alcoholic drink, no top shelf or even a bottled beer. And the snacks? Trail mix and peanuts! You can spend a lot of money in the great restaurants and bars  with the common passengers and come out ahead.

rip off first class seat and airport lounges
most lounges look like this in the brochure but are often very messy

How about first class travel in the air? Is it worth it? That question is less black and white than the lounges. No, it is not worth it if You are spending money for it. Yes or maybe, if You are using mileage to get Your first class seat. I recently flew first class on United and U.S. Airways, neither of them had any video or audio at all, none! Other airlines have choices of movies in first class even on a 2 hour flight, I flew a 4 hour flight and had nothing at all to occupy My time. The only thing first class gave me was a bigger seat and a good meal. You can order a meal in advance in coach if the meal is that important to you. To Me the first class on these two airlines is a rip off, very little difference from coach. On some airlines, it is well worth it. Unless delta has changed its planes, first class offers video and audio to help pass the time and that makes the upgrade using points worth it but never worth it using money.