Florida still the wild wild west of the United States for its gun laws

guns in florida
If its about guns, the story is from Florida

Florida is still considered the wild wild west according to most of the other 49 or so United States. Is it the sunshine or gunshine state? Now even colleges must put up with the absurd laws that a minority group of People have created for this state. A Florida court ruled last month that it is unlawful to prohibit students or for that matter visitors to college campuses from having guns in their parked cars. Most all of the public Universities had banned the guns from all of their campuses but have had to now allow them in the parked cars. But that was not good enough for the gun rights group, now they are fighting for the right for students to bring them in their dorm rooms and on campus living quarters.

Florida has some of the best vacation destinations in the world and People travel to the Orlando area more than any other place in the United States but Florida is in the news more about guns than vacations.