Florida tops Florida State in number of crimes reported on athletes

according to outside the lines on ESPN Florida not only beat FSU in Baseball in 2015 they also topped the Seminoles in number of criminal incidents involving athletes.

That’s good news for Florida State, right? No, not really, Florida was the worst in the NCAA and Florida State was second so they both are terrible. At least the Gators can quit calling the Seminoles the Criminoles. But are these two schools really different than the rest? Probably not. How many Cities support their team no matter what and reporting of crimes by athletes is swept under the rug. The ones with low numbers might be the more corrupt Colleges not the better behaved. No matter how much a Person has to lose they tend to act in the moment and more importantly, act their age. Remember, most of these athletes are teenagers or freshly outside their teen years.

According to ESPN Outside the lines: Florida, had the most athletes — 80 — named as suspects in more than 100 crimes at Florida. Yet the athletes either never faced charges, had charges against them dropped or were not prosecuted 56 percent of the time. When Outside the Lines examined a comparison set of cases involving college-age males in Gainesville, 28 percent of the crimes ended either without a record of charges being filed or by charges eventually being dropped.

Florida State had the second-highest number of athletes named in criminal allegations: 66 men’s basketball and football athletes. In 70 percent of those incidents, the athletes either never faced charges, had charges against them dropped or were not prosecuted. By comparison, cases ended up without being prosecuted 50 percent of the time among a sample of crimes involving college-age males in Tallahassee.