FSU renews mediocre Basketball Coach’s contract

Leonard Hamilton gets 2-year extension at Florida State, He will now make 2.25 million per year. His salary is well above average but His results are about average. FSU has won the ACC tournament once in His tenure. Keeping Leonard Hamilton even at one million salary is a slap in the face to the FSU alumni. Many have been asking for His dismissal for years and the school keeps believing He is “on the verge” of winning. He says He is on the verge of something special. Can You imagine under performing at Your job for 10 out of the last 14 years and being rewarded? Just because You tell Your boss You are on the verge of something special? Just like other powerhouse football teams, FSU is not serious about Basketball. Look at Alabama, Texas, Auburn or Oregon and You will see similar middle of the pack teams. All these schools have the resources to be great in basketball but do not put in the effort to do so. Leonard Hamilton should be let go and take the mediocre baseball coach, Mike Martin with Him.

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