Fuck Paul Ryan, We don’t need Him

I think that Paul Ryan is over estimating His power. This is not politics as the part time speaker of the House knows it. The Trump train is not slowing down and if Paul Ryan wants to try to stop it He is going to get run over. Remember this is the jerk that didn’t want the speaker of the House Job because He didn’t want to work on the weekends. The truth is He really wanted the job, He just wanted to do it on Monday through Friday and since No One else wanted it, He was begged to take it. Who ever heard of Someone saying they would never work on the weekend?.When You sign up to serve Your Country it is a full time job and that includes weekends. Fuck Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney and for that matter the Whole Republican party. We want Trump, call Him liberal or conservative, Who gives a shit? Paul Ryan needs to step down from His position and let Someone that wants to beat Clinton take over.