Gays now allowed to be Boy Scout leaders

Gays are now allowed to be Boy Scout leaders, Who is this helping? The gay scout or the gay leader? The reason for changing this rule could only be for the Gay Men that want to be scout leaders and that makes it very disturbing. There isn’t any kid that might think He is gay that wants to be a Boy Scout but only if the leader is gay.

Not all Gays are agreeing with this decision, even though they have to go along because any win for gays is a win, right? Can Men now be Girl Scout leaders? A hetrosexual Man would not be allowed deep in the woods with Young Girls, would He? Of course not! Why? Because a Hetrosexual Man is attracted to Women and Girls are what Women are prior to being Women, right? Some Girls are already developed at the Girl Scout age so You would not want a Hetrosexual Man alone with them, right? So now lets put Gay Men alone with Boys? What sense does that make? How is this a good idea on any level? Allowing gays to be in the scouts is fine, allowing a full grown Man that likes other Men to be alone with Boys Who are ripe for the picking: BAD IDEA!

Basically what the Boy Scouts did was end the desire for any Straight Boy with Straight Parents to be part of the Boy Scouts. The Boy Scouts will be the Gay Scouts from this day forward. The funny thing about it is, even gay parents will be worried about the gay scout leader and not allow their Boy to join.

This will go down as a set back for gays not a victory.