Google ads in articles can actually be good for the reader

google ads can work for you

Google ads in articles can actually be good for the reader, even though lots of People hate them. How do they work and how can they work for the reader? Google tracks everywhere You go and every word You type, not in Your emails but in Your searches and browsing. Lets say You type in best price for a Vizio LCD Tv and You end up browsing through selections from a few sources, while You are doing that google is recording every key stroke You make and getting ads ready for You. So then You see a news article You want to read and low and behold right there in the middle of an Obama health care article is an ad for Vizio Tv’s 5 percent off if ordered by tomorrow at midnight! Wow, how did that get there? Google serves the ads based on many factors. Number one is most recent searches, number two is Your location, number three is gender, age or anything else They know about You. If google knows nothing they mostly serve location ads, so if You are in Orlando, You will get ads related to Orlando.

how google ads work
this ski ad is what you would have seen if you had been searching for ski trips

When You erase Your history, it really throws google off and You do not get the ads that relate to what You were searching for. A lot of People consider this an invasion of privacy and always clear their history so google cannot send them ads that relate to them. But what happens is You still get the ads, You just don’t get ads that relate to You. You cannot hide from google, You either get ads that pertain to You or You get totally annoying ads that mean nothing to You. Back to the Vizio example, the company that wants to sell you the vizio tv has an ad that they pay as much as 4 dollars to google for you to click on so you can bet that they are going to give you content that is very compelling. Next time You want to get a good deal on something just search for it and watch the ads follow You and see all the ads compete for Your business.