Groveling To The Mob Won’t Stop It From Consuming You | Ep. 737

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a Hollywood actress delivers a groveling apology to the mob, despite having done absolutely nothing wrong. Meanwhile, a prominent psychiatrist who publicly fantasized about murdering white people doubled down and refused to apologize. What can we learn from this contrast? Also Five Headlines including an MSNBC analyst saying that she saw some American flags over the weekend and was “disturbed.” Also, the Biden Administration officially adopts the “birth people” label to describe women. And Trump says he’s considering Ron DeSantis as a VP in 2024. I think that’s a terrible idea and I’ll explain. Plus in our Daily Cancellation, the actress Monique gets into some hot water for criticizing people for dressing like slobs in public. But she’s right, of course. There’s a slob epidemic in America.

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