Harry Reid, Senate Democrat from Nevada, agrees with Donald Trump

Today in a speech Harry Reid stated some facts that were shocking to hear, most of which is exactly what Donald Trump has been talking about. The difference is the democratic media will not dismiss one of their own like Harry Reid. The same things that Donald Trump has been saying but He has been referred to as raciest. It should be noted that Harry Reid is not running for re-election and His stance on immigration is not inline with Obama’s or Hillary Clinton’s.

According to Harry Reid, 67 percent of babies born in LA County in 2014 were by illegal immigrants. Those babies now have US Citizen rights the same as an American that was born and raised in America or enter through legal channels. The United States does not have the money to take care of legal residents much less illegal ones. America is broke! People need to realize We cannot take care of the World anymore. We are in fact way worse than broke, if We were just broke it would be a vast improvement.

Harry Reid went on to say that 26 percent of all incarcerated Persons in the United States are not U.S. citizens. That is a tremendous amount of crimes, such as burgarly, rape and murder that could have been prevented if immigration was under control. Do You want to be a victim of one of these crimes? How about someone in Your family?

For every 7 illegals that sneak into the United States, one U.S. tax paying citizen will lose His/her job. Do You want that one to be You or someone in Your family?

We do not need criminals of any color or nationality to enter this Country, the vast majority of the criminals that enter this Country are doing so illegally. Those that enter America illegally are committing crimes at up to 30 times more than those that enter legally.

The immigration issue is not about Americans vs Mexicans, it is about Americans that include legal Mexicans and many other nationalities coming together to make a good plan to keep criminals out. Legal Mexicans do not benefit from illegals coming to this Country anymore than white, black or Asians do. Illegals take away from all Americans and threaten all of Us with crime and expense. Do You want Your social security? Most People do but if the rate of illegal immigration continues one of the things that must go in the future will be programs like social security. Illegal immigrants are bogging down all government systems, systems that now cannot help law abiding legal Citizens.