High School Boys In Lingerie Give Their Principal A Lap Dance | Ep. 828

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00:00 – Opening
00:59 – High School Boys In Lingerie Give Their Principal A Lap Dance
12:49 – Walsh’s Family Took A Trip To The Zoo’s Halloween Festivities
14:40 – Merrick Garland Questioned By The Senate And The Republicans Did Great
26:39 – Rutgers Professor Claims White People Are Committed To Being Villains
33:13 – FDA Recommends Giving COVID Vaccines To Kids
34:44 – Man Punches Woman In A NYC Subway
42:28 – Buzzfeed Posts Video Of Woman Painting Using Her Body
45:55 – Reading The Comments
53:47 – Huma Abedin Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a school in Kentucky holds a “man pageant” where high school boys in lingerie gave lap dances to their teachers while a school in Florida brought elementary schoolers to a gay bar for a field trip. What is the issue with all of this? Is it an infringement on “parental rights”? Yes, but that’s not even half of the problem. Also, an uncharacteristically impressive performance from Republicans as they interrogate Attorney General Garland during a Senate hearing. And a woman is brutally assaulted on a train in New York while dozens of people stand by and watch. This is becoming a theme. Plus, a professor at Rutgers claims that black and brown people lived in peaceful harmony across the globe until white people ruined it all. And Anthony Weiner’s estranged wife says she was sexually assaulted by a US Senator. The problem is that her sexual assault story doesn’t feature an actual sexual assault. 

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