How can NASCAR survive without Dale Earnhardt Junior

There should be no full time Cup driver going down to the Xfinity or Camping World Truck series, period without some stipulations. And no driver should move up to the Cup series without firm rules. It is unfair to the sport that a driver can race in the upper level cup series without first proving He/She can add something to that level. Many Drivers have not won one race in the lower divisions are racing the top Cup division. That is like a participation trophy. It means that a popular Driver can jump a more talented driver and the sport will not survive like that.

My suggestions:

The winner of the Camping World Trucks or Xfinity race Every week should be eligible to run the Cup series for that weekend only.
You should have to win 10 races in the xfinity series to move up to full time in the Cup series. If You win the Championship in the Xfinity series even with zero wins, You can move up.
if You want to run in the Xfinity Series as a cup driver you can only do so if you win in the Cup series race, then next week you can do so. If You do not use Your right the next week, it is lost and you have to win again to have that invite.
If You do not have one top 10 in the last 15 races in the cup series You must return to the Xfinity Series and only return with a top five in that series. You could basically not miss one cup race if You can get that top 5, this would make the reason for You being in the lower level more exciting.

Without Dale Junior the sport is on it’s way down. Without drastic changes, the Sport is going to be reduced to a southeast short track sport.

The most popular Driver in the last 14 years is Dale Earnhardt Junior, His father made Him prove Himself before letting Him advance to the Cup Series. He won back to back Championships before moving up. Danica Patrick and others have had no success and still advanced to the Cup series. These drivers are only getting in the way. These drivers should be demoted and made to race harder in the Xfinity series and EARN their way to the Cup series.