How much do Celebrities Donate

We require politicians to show their tax returns and financial statements but We never ask Celebrities that We might Worship for their’s, right? Why do We care? I care because if I buy a tune off of Itunes for Katy Perry and I see Her blasting the Government for Something She could fix with Her millions, I think She should fix it Herself.
It is time for multi millionaires to fix a lot of the problems that America is facing.

For instance: the Texas Flood: We should all ask Our favorite Celebs to donate big money to the Red Cross or other Charities that can help the People in Texas. Why should the Government fix all our problems? We have to help each other. Did You buy a Katy Perry Song? Well, She now owes You some explanation for what She is going to do with the money. My suggestion is put pressure on all big money earners to donate at least 30 percent of Their income after they earn the first million. Who needs to live on more than one million per year? Do they need a 50,000 sq foot house? A 500,000 dollar Car? They can still do that, I just want Us to bond together and demand that We get some of the money back that We gave them. Every time the Government pays for a disaster, it comes out of Your pocket, We need to stop this.

Social Media is a gold mine to fix this problem. Tweet Your favorite or least favorite Celebrity or Big Earner and ask them to prove that they are supporting Charity in at least a 30 percent over one million way.

Why One million? Well, 100,000 or even 500,000 can be a break even salary and those People should do what most People do and donate 10 percent but once You surpass one million dollars in a year, You should be held accountable for Your support for the community. I am not suggesting that the Government change Tax laws to make high earners pay back, I am suggesting that the Public insist on Their hero’s to step up and give back for all We have paid them. Shouldn’t Kylie Jenner donate 5 million this year? She made well over 15 million doing nothing but waiting for Us to watch Her do nothing. Shouldn’t Kim Kardashion build a School and keep it running by donating millions per year? I hate that very few want to give back, the greed is absolutely gross.

tweet Every celeb You know this link

Please quit calling People that are getting paid to help flood Victims “Heros” they are making good money, even time and a half money, they are thrilled to make bank. There are times that the National Guard, Coast Guard are Heros, like when they are risking Their lives but in the flood situation there is no risk of life, it might be uncomfortable but it is not life threatening. Lets call the People that are Heros the People that are not getting paid, the private Citizens that are wading through water to help People, the ones that have used Their Boats to Rescue People and gotten NO MONEY for it. Some of these boats are hitting debris and damaging Their boats, no good deed goes unpunished. And the worst of the Worst are Celebrities, asking common People to Donate but We have no evidence they donated ANYTHING. Ask the Celebrity like Ellen to show She donated at least one million. How about Dale and Amy Earnhardt, Show me the proof that You sent 1 million (at least). Asking common People to donate but You have given a few thousand? LIke the rest of Us sending 45 cents? HOLD these Hypocrites accountable. All NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS superstars can donate one million each as well as we can 100 dollars, lets shame them to prove they have done so. No Longer Should We require the Government to go broke when these Celeb’s have became rich because of all of US, They could not have been Rich without US and it is Their time to GIVE BACK. Call out Everyone You follow on Twitter that is mega Rich to take complete responsibility to FUND this Flood without Government Help.
JJ Watt
Katy Perry
Barack Obama
Asking Us to donate? First Prove You donated more than one million then I will put in my 10 dollars.

When Someone like Amy Earnhardt who married into 100’s of millions ask Me to donate it makes Me sick. How much did SHE donate? Ask Every hot shot that ask You to donate to prove what They donated. Please reply on EVERY request that You receive from a Celeb or millionaire to SHPW proof of their HUGE donation. We can beat these elitist if We work together.