How much does Your Uber or Lyft driver really make?

Most people that trust their life with their rideshare driver think that Uber or Lyft take a small percent from the driver to make the connection from Rider to Driver. FALSE. Now that both of these Taxi companies have gone Public they have taken more and more from the DRIVER. The driver has all the risk, all the expense, rideshare companies have NO overhead except for the Elite upper management that does NOTHING compared to a driver.

When Uber first started, they took a 20 percent cut from the fare and the fare was much larger than it is now. Both of these companies are taking more than 40 percent of the fare currently.

Here is a great example of what Uber takes (Lyft is almost the same)

the total fare to the airport cost the Rider 40 dollars. Uber paid the Driver 23.25 but there was 1.89 in tolls making the driver NET 21.36 and Uber took a service fee of 14.09 and a booking fee of 3.20 for a NET total of 17.29. A total of 38.65 is the NET amount taken from the Rider by Uber (1.89 were tolls) so Uber took 44.7 Percent. Would ANY rider think that the driver was only getting 55.2 percent of the fare?

The only possible way for a driver to make a profit is in Tips but Uber does not let the rider know that. They totally keep the rider in the dark about how much they take from the driver. It is very necessary for Congress to pass a law so that every rider has the facts.